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Are you planning to visit a Spanish speaking country for a long period of time? Do you need to improve your Spanish and are plateauing? Well then, have you ever considered doing a Spanish immersion course?

General Tips On Choosing A Spanish Immersion Course:

1) If you really want to improve your Spanish, it is probably a good idea to learn look for a place to learn Spanish where you can interact with  local people and really live in the language. Look for activities and other cultural experiences that could be had in the school's location. Some of these activities should be guided by school instructors or guides.

2) You should probably choose a Language School in the locality where you are planning to visit or live in the future. This would even help you to learn the local dialect, which can vary widely by region no matter what country you are in.

3) There should be some homestay option available. A homestay is when you live with a family or with a group of people from the local population. If you stay with other people who are not natives you will likely continue to speak your native language after class which defeats the whole purpose of a Spanish immersion course!

Ok, so you have decided a Spanish immersion course seems interesting. Let's look at some of them!

Best Places For Spanish Immersion:

Learning Spanish in Spain

Spain is my favorite place to learn Spanish. The birthplace of the language has tons of great cities to learn in and the culture and friendly people also make it a prime location to really learn the language.  Madrid is usually where people go because it is full of cultural activities that support language learning. But no matter where you go, there are usually museums, restaurants, bars and cultural activities galore.

Spanish Immersion Course in Spain: Don Quijote

Don Quijote offers comprehensive training courses to learn Spanish language effectively at various centers located in Latin America and Spain. The school is highly reputed and has branches at several locations in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Salamanca and other places. They have had learning courses in the Spanish Language since 1989. They offer Spanish courses mentioned below –

·       Intensive Spanish
·       DELE
·       Spanish and Work
·       Summer camps
·       Premium Mini-group Classes

Don Quijote also has an exceptional blog and a good email newsletter for students around the world. It mostly focuses on culture, rather than just Spanish language. If you love Spanish culture, then this school is geared toward you.

It's is also one of the few schools I have seen that teach a DELE (the official Spanish skills test of the government of Spain) classes.

Learning Spanish in Mexico

Mexico is another popular place to learn Spanish, especially for North Americans. The food and culture of this large country are famous world wide, so its no wonder it is a good place to go and study.

Spanish Immersion Veracruz in Mexico

Spanish Immersion Veracruz in Mexico offers optimized Spanish learning experience in a friendly environment. The region of Veracruz shares a significant coastline with Gulf of Mexico.  This school says it uses non-traditional, but successful approach to introduce the language for beginners. They offer seven basic Spanish language programs –

·       Intensive Business Spanish Immersion
·       Intensive Conversational Spanish Immersion
·       Cultural Tourism and Spanish Immersion
·       Subjunctive Intensive Spanish Immersion
·       Mexican Cooking and Spanish Immersion
·       Family Mexico Vacation and Spanish Study
·       Adventure and Ecotourism with Spanish Immersion


Argentina is a very popular country for people to learn Spanish! Several people I know rave about their time in Argentina (especially the capitol, Buenos Aires) so I know I have to include a school from the country.  

Spanish Immersion in Argentina I.L.E.E Spanish Language Schools

I.L.E.E. Spanish Language Schools are situated in central Buenos Aires. They are highly dedicated institutions that offer Spanish language classes and are on the more affordable spectrum. Branches of the Spanish Language schools are located in the regions of Bariloche, Costa Rica and even Bolivia. They offer comprehensive study materials for the entire course, free tour activity every week and weekly evaluative certificates.

Spanish language courses in Venezuela and Margarita Island

If your goal is to Learning Spanish in a beautiful beach location,  Venezuela is a good place to try it out. CELA Spanish School offers 5 ability level courses for special purposes. They offer special Spanish courses on business and Medicine Law. They even keep the number of students limited to 7. The lessons usually cost about $250 per week, which is inexpensive compared to many schools in other countries. They arrange about 25 lessons every week, including 3 excursions a week to the amazing beaches and other exotic sights of the region. Their teaching system tried to impart skills of the language under natural and social environment of the region.

Are Immersion Programs In Another Country For Me?

So why choose an immersion experience? Anyone who is fluent in a foreign language will tell you that immersion experiences are often times necessary, or at the very least, highly recommended if you really want to learn a language. Immersion programs offer you the ability to do that without having to quit your job and move to a new country to live for a long period of time.

Pros: Immersion programs really train and force you to use the language, which will do more to help your foreign language acquisition than anything else.

They usually are fairly expensive and to be effective usually require at least a couple weeks to be effective. This is fairly easy to do for students with educational funding, but if you are a busy professionals learning a language for fun, this can be very difficult.

Any other countries or schools you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments section

Note: None of these schools are affiliated with me or paid any money to be mentioned.



08/09/2013 6:52am

I think that Granada, Spain is a really good location for studying Spanish :)
It has urban life, rural towns and mountains and is less than one hour from the tropical coast. It is perfect for language immersion as there are plenty of local people as well as spaniards from all over Spain and the city is just the right size to have lots to explore but not feel overwhelmed. Take a look at Escuela Delengua www.delengua.es I studied there for a while and my level and knowledge of both the language and the culture improved lots!

11/11/2013 10:19am

I completely agree that Granada is such a culturally rich location to learn Spanish! There are lots of language schools in Granada, Escuela Delengua being a perfect example! You can take a look at what taking a Spanish course is like in Granada: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUh30TSuvi0


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